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How to Write a Post with WP-Vybe

August 05, 2008 | | Comments 6

Don’t let the title of this post fool you … I’m not meaning to insult your intelligence when I imply that your DON’T know how to write a post with WordPress (I’m sure you do). It’s just that there are a few features built into WP-Vybe, and it’s worthwhile to tell you how to get the most out of it.

If you look at the home page of this demo site, you’ll see that all the posts – including the featured posts at the top – display a post introduction (or excerpt) rather than the full post itself. It’s the same on the category pages, archive pages and search results pages. Then, when you click through to the individual post, you get the full post content along with comments and other information.

There are 2 possible methods to create the post introduction or excerpt …

Set WP-Vybe to Use Post Excerpt, and Use the Excerpt Field

Go to your WP-Vybe Theme Settings page, and click “Basic Post Settings.” You’ll see an option to use the Post Excerpts or Post Content (default value is Excerpts). Youll want to leave it set to Post Excerpts.

Now that the theme is set up for excerpts, the trick is to tell WordPress how to create the excerpt the way you want it rather than it’s own way. Without any other instructions, WordPress will create the excerpt on it’s own. Here’s what it does …

WordPress Codex: “If you do not provide an explicit excerpt to a post (in the post editor’s optional excerpt field), it will display a teaser which refers to the first 55 words of the post’s content. Also in the latter case, HTML tags and graphics are stripped from the excerpt’s content.”

So the solution is simple … Use the Excerpt field on the Write Post screen.

Whatever you place in the Excerpt field is what will be displayed as the post excerpt on your home page. And keep in mind, you will need to add some HTML to the Excerpt field if you want it to be used in the excerpt. Otherwise, WordPress strips out all code including HTML. For example, lets say you want your post excerpt to be displayed just like this:

This is the post introduction. I want to include a link to this site, and this site.

In that case, here’s exactly what you’d need to place in the Excerpt field:

This is the post introduction. I want to include a link to <a href="">this site</a>, and <a href="">this site</a>.

If you need some help with the HTML code, you can write your excerpt in the normal post editor, then click the HTML view tab, and simply copy the HTML code from there.

As a side note, some folks have inquired whether they can include video in there post excerpt. The answer is yes, you can … you just need to place the code for the video in the Excerpt field.

That’s all for this option. Lets move on to the second method you can use to create your post introduction/excerpt.

Set WP-Vybe to Use Post Content, and Use the More Tag

With this method, all you have to do is set WP-Vybe to use Content rather than Excerpts. Then, when you write your post, simply use the More tag to cut the post according to your preference. The benefit of using this method over the previous one is simplicity. You don’t have to remember to use the Excerpt field, and any HTML code will still show up in your post introduction/excerpt.

That’s it. Use either of these 2 methods to write your posts, and you’ll be the proud owner of a sexy, new, WP-Vybe-driven site in no time.

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  1. Thanks Michael – yet another useful reason to come back and visit your site – great tutorial. The “more” tag function is something that I use regularly and keeping the HTML code in that excerpt is important if you want to link off the main post page. Vybe to the people!

  2. Catherine says:

    I’m new to WP-Vybe and to blogging altogether, and I picked this theme because I thought it would easiest for a novice to work with – and it has been! I am having one problem, though, that I haven’t been able to find a solution to….my post setting is to “content”, and I have several posts that are short enought for one page. My problem is that even though the post is over, it displays “Read More” in the bottom border. How can I stop that?

  3. Alistair Barnett says:

    Hi everyone,

    If you are looking for support, please visit our forum at for immediate answers to your support questions. Otherwise, there will be a delay in answering your support-related comment if left here.

    If this doesn’t apply to you, feel free to comment!


  4. Chris Maxcer says:

    Hi Michael! I’m on the cusp of buying WP-Vybe — looks fantastic. I have one question, though, and that is: How do the Featured Articles on the top area of the Home page relate to the Recent Articles below and in the middle of the home page?

    Does each new post automatically go to the Featured Article spot at the top? Or can you assign those separately?

    Do they automatically get pushed down to the Recent Articles as new Featured Articles are added? How does WP-Vybe decide which posts go where? Or are the controls in your WP-Vybe Control Panel?


  5. mikedurkin says:


    Glad to here your are interested in WP-Vybe. We have a lot of satisfied customers using this theme.

    To place an article in the Featured area, you create a Featured category on the Write or Manage pages of the Administrative panel. Then when you want to have an article appear in the Feature are, you just check the box for the article to appear. You can place up to six articles in the Featured area (depending on how you configure – the default is five).

    Recent Articles appear from all categories except Featured articles.

    Featured articles do not move to Recent Articles unless you remove the Featured Category tag and the article is part of another Category.

    Bottom everything ends up where you want it. Although it may require learning how to do a bit of tweaking.

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